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Table grape Attika

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    Vitis vinifera subsp. vinifera cv. Velika
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    3.000 Kgs

Table grape Attica
Vitis vinifera subsp. vinifera cv. Attica


Velika is the Bulgarian desrete grape variety, which was created by Research Scientist Ivan Todorov Ph.D., at the Experimental field of IASS “Obraztsov Chiflik” – Rousse, via hybridization of cultivars Bulgar and Alphonse Lavale  in 1987.

In terms of grape size and grain size, this variety is superior to all other varieties of tenth grapes and is deservedly the most attractive among them.

The bunches are about 500/600 g, the grains are oblong, with a dense but not tough skin in a deep blue-black color, covered with a waxy coating. The seeds are soft and not felt when consumed. The fruit has a balanced taste. The variety has very good durability during transport and longer storage. It ripens in August.

The variety is susceptible to mildew, oidium and gray rot. Has medium resistance to low temperatures.


Note: The plants are available in a 2-3 liter container and are fully rooted and developed.

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