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Temperate climate fruit plants

Temperate climate fruit plants.


Morus hybrid Shangri La, Mulberry

Morus hybrid Shangri La, Mulberry

The Shangri La variety is recognized as one of the best mulberry varieties in the world, and there is a reason for that. The trees are extremely vigorous, and the fruits are very large and taste wonderful. The fruits are packed with useful substances and antioxidants, and are mainly used for fresh consumption, but they are also used to make very tasty sweets and jams. Ripening begins in May and often continues into June, with all fruits ripening in about 4-6 weeks.

The trees are completely cold-resistant for Bulgaria's climate. The fruits develop on the new branches of the spring growth, therefore pruning in early spring is advisable in order to shorten last year's branches and thus stimulate branching and more abundant fruiting.

The plants on sale are intended for planting in the ground, so they are planted in regular garden soil, which greatly hepls for establishing in the ground.

Price: €23.56

Availability: 11 pcs

Large hybrid blackberry ' Mora Dirksen'

Rubus fruticosus, Large blackberry 'Mora Dirksen'

from Botanical garden - Plovdiv, Bulgaria



The plant has a bushy habit, with a height of 0.80-2.50 m.

A self-fertile variety, flowering is in May and fruiting is from July to October.

Dry-resistant look, no special care required.

Price: €9.45

Availability: 20 pcs

Large hybrid blackberry ' Black Satin'

Rubus fruticosus, Large blackberry Black Satin

from Botanical garden - Plovdiv, Bulgaria


This variety reaches a height of 1.50-2.00 m.

Growth is compact, with flowers appearing in May.

The variety is self-pollinating, fruiting from July to October.

This variety is suitable both for direct consumption and for the preparation of sweets and jams.

Price: €7.91

Availability: 34 pcs

Table grape Attika

Table grape Attica
Vitis vinifera subsp. vinifera cv. Attica


Attica is a Greek dessert grape variety. It develops a crown with rich foliage and is suitable for shading in landscaping and for production plantations.

The bunches are very large - 600/900 g, the grains are oval - oblong, with a dense but not tough skin in a deep blue-purple color. The seeds are so soft that they are not felt when consumed. The fruit has a balanced, slightly sour taste - like cherries, which is rich in vitamins that support the immune system. It ripens in July - August.

The variety is resistant to gray rot, but not to mildew and powdery mildew. Controlled crown lightening and timely spraying with appropriate preparations is recommended. Loves well-lit places.

Note: The plants are available in a 2-3 liter container and are fully rooted and developed.

Price: €9.14

Availability: 1 pcs

Purple Chokeberry Nero

Purple Chokeberry Nero
Aronia x prunifolia Nero

Plants of this variety have larger and darker fruits than others. High quality and yield. Blooms April-May. They require semi-shaded areas.

Price: €7.61

Availability: 15 pcs

Bilberry, European blueberry Bluecrop

Vaccinium myrtillus, Bilberry, European blueberry Bluecrop

Price: €7.06

Availability: 8 pcs

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