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Book - A modern view of Olive cultivation in Bulgaria

A modern view of Olive cultivation in Bulgaria

A practical guide to propagating and growing olives under Bulgarian conditions

220 pages. Bulgarian language

Author: Kiril Donov, engineer-agronomist, master in tropical and subtropical agriculture

The climate is changing at an unprecedented speed, and the frosty winters of the last century seem like an increasingly distant memory. The Eastern Mediterranean, the Balkan Peninsula and Bulgaria are warming faster than the rest of Europe, and today's climate in southern Bulgaria is even warmer than the climate in northern Greece 20 years ago. In our country there are already many areas where the climate is ideal for growing olives. And if until recently only individual trees of the most cold-resistant varieties were found here and there, today almost every olive variety can grow in most places south of Balkan mountain without any winter damage.
The author Kiril Donov is an agronomist engineer with a master's degree in Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture since 1997. In the book, he shares valuable information and over 260 author's photos, based on 25 years of experience and experiments with olives in Bulgaria. Such a detailed monograph on the subject is published for the first time in our country. All aspects of olive production are covered in detail:
- physiology and soil-climatic requirements of olive plants;
- various types of reproduction and production of planting material;
- varieties of olives tested under the conditions of our country;
- planning and creation of olive plantations in Bulgaria;
- pruning, fertilizing, watering, fighting diseases and pests;
- harvesting and processing of olive fruits.
The book is intended for farmers, agronomists, students and teachers. It goes into great detail, but is written in accessible language to be useful to anyone who decides to engage in olive production under Bulgarian conditions.

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