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Large hybrid blackberry ' Mora Dirksen'

Rubus fruticosus, Large blackberry 'Mora Dirksen'

from Botanical garden - Plovdiv, Bulgaria



The plant has a bushy habit, with a height of 0.80-2.50 m.

A self-fertile variety, flowering is in May and fruiting is from July to October.

Dry-resistant look, no special care required.

Price: €9.45

Availability: 41 pcs

Large hybrid blackberry ' Black Satin'

Rubus fruticosus, Large blackberry Black Satin

from Botanical garden - Plovdiv, Bulgaria


This variety reaches a height of 1.50-2.00 m.

Growth is compact, with flowers appearing in May.

The variety is self-pollinating, fruiting from July to October.

This variety is suitable both for direct consumption and for the preparation of sweets and jams.

Price: €7.91

Availability: 38 pcs

Picea pungens 'Hoopsii'


More information in Bulgarian is available in our forum:

Price: €253.15

Availability: 4 pcs

Picea pungens Glauca Globisa,Dwarf


More information in Bulgarian is available in our forum:

Price: €132.42

Availability: 15 pcs

Hydrangea Colorant ( 300g)

Hydrangea Colorant (300g) 

Contents: Aluminum sulfate
If you want to change the color of the pink hydrangea to blue, then you can use our hydrangea colorant.

In early spring (end of February), 250 g is applied once around the plant, digging 5-6 cm into the soil. This dose applies only to perennials planted in the garden. To maintain the color, the plants need to be watered every two weeks with a solution of 2 equal teaspoons, which are dissolved in 1 liter of water. This solution is also used for potted Hydrangea. It is very important before using the product that the plants are well watered with clean water. The attached spoon is pressed into the wall of the jar when removed. Do not exceed the dose! Applying from early March to late August.

Storage: In a tightly closed container, in a dry and dark place. Shelf life: minimum 2 years.
Packaging: 300 grams net.

Price: €3.07

Availability: 72 pcs

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