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Bougainvillea is probably the most famous tropical flowering plant. It will thrive even in cooler areas, as long as temperatures never drop below freezing.


300 g fertilizer for treatment of chlorosis

Fertilizer concentrate for chlorosis treatment


Special blend, prevents the appearance of yellow new leaves, treats  long-lasting chlorosis, supports quality growth

Ingredients: Iron salts, magnesium salts, acidifying ions, additional minerals.

Application: Dissolve 1 tablespoon in 1 gallon of tap water and water the plants abundantly every 2  to 4 weeks. In case of severely damaged plants, apply the fertilizer every 2 weeks until green and  quality new growth is developped! Could be applied all year round to potted plants. Use with caution to avoid rust spots on any surrounding surfaces! Please note, that this fertilizer will affect mostly the new growth, not the old leaves that are already damaged. Do not overdose!

Storage: In a tightly closed package, in a dry and dark place. Durability: 2 years.

Net: 10.5 oz (300 gr)

Own recipe of the nursery Palm Center-Plovdiv Ltd., Bulgaria,

Price: €4.36

Availability: 10 pcs

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