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- Question : Why do I need pay for packaging?

- Answer: When you buy plants from the nursery in person, you do care to bring them safely home. But when the plants are sent by courier, they are loaded on buses and trucks, along with many other items. During the transport is easy to break parts of the plant, and we had situations where on our plants have fallen heavy boxes.

If a damage to the plants by courier occurs, usually the customer may request a refund, but it is unnecessarily nervous and may lead to quarrels. And finally there remains a sense of disappointment.

After several dramatic cases where plants arrived literally crushed, we introduced a special package with which there is no longer any risk of damage. Now we can afford to give our customers a guarantee that their plants will arrive safely .


- Question : Do you send tropical palms, Frangipani and Adenium during the winter?

- Answer: On most days in winter, sending by next day delivery is not a problem. If the weather is too cold, we may delay the orders until the weather warms up enough. The customer will be informed about everything by email, of course.


- Question: How will I know that my plants were sent to me?

- Answer: For any information concerning your order, you will receive an automatic email to the email address you have provided. Therefore, it is important that your email address is valid and that you check it regularly.

You will receive notification on email about any change in the status of your order, when it is confirmed, when it is sent and when it was delivered.

Please, check your email regularly!


- Question: How accurate are the quantities shown for each item?

- Answer: We do our best to update all quantities on a daily basis. As soon as an item is sold out, it is also shown on the website.


- Question: When will the depleted items be available again?

- Answer: The plants of our new production usually are ready for sale by the end of April. By that time the imported plants are available as well. Only the small grafted citrus plants for the season 2014 will be ready in October. In April we will have only new lemons and the varieties available at the nursery anyway.