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Home Winter protection for palm trees 10 m light rope for winter heating of palm trees

10 m light rope for winter heating of palm trees

Price: €14.31
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    Light rope 10m
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    1.500 Kgs

Light rope, For winter heating of palm trees

Please note, this is just a piece of light rope, that comes to you just cut and with no connection to electricity. If you want a ready-made light rope, you should order connection separately. If you want a longer cable, you should order the cable separately. If you want a thermostat, you should order it separately. We will connect everything and send the finished system. You just have to install on the palm tree and connect it to the electricity.. If you are unsure how to protect winter palm trees, please visit:

Price is for a piece of 10 meters. The light rope can be cut on a pieces with a minimum length of 2 meters. A full roll is 100 meters.

If you want to order a thermostat and a light rope and need them connected by us, please order connection here:

If you would like to order a thermostat:

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