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    Citrus x Limequat 14x14
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    5.000 Kgs

Citrus  x Limequat


Pot 14x14

Draft 10-15 cm

This unusual citrus is a cross between a Lime and a Kumquat. This citrus will impress you with its beautiful fruits that are edible.

Its cultivation follows the principle of all other citrus trees, requiring abundant watering at least once a day in the summer, and twice a day on the hottest days.

In autumn, it is brought inside in a dry and cool place, with temperatures in the range of 1-15 degrees. In the spring, after it warms up and there are no nighttime sub-zero temperatures, it can be taken outside to start the formation of flowers and fruits. Flowering begins in February-March, and the ripening of the fruits is up to 6m.

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