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Home Fruit bearing plants Varieties of Paw paw, Indian banana (Asimina triloba)


Varieties of Paw paw, Indian banana (Asimina triloba)

Varieties of Paw paw, Indian banana (Asimina triloba)


Paw paw, Indian banana (seedling)

Asimina triloba, Asimina, Pau-Pau, Indian banana


These plants are seedlings grown from seeds of 'Mango' variety. For successful fruiting, you need to have two separate seed plants or, if grafted - plants of at least two different varieties.

The seedlings enter into fruiting after the fifth year. This type of fruit plants need deep fertile soil and regular irrigation. The species is completely freeze-resistant to our climate, but in summer, problems may arise due to very hot weather and too dry soil.

Although at a young age plants grow better under light shading, the choice of shaded terrain can negatively affect fruiting later. It is therefore recommended planting under direct sun,  when irrigation is provided.

The taste of the fruit is considered very exotic. Many people claim, that they are the most delicious fruits they have ever tested. In fact, this is no surprise - Asimina is from a family of tropical species and exotic taste is typical for most of them. The only reason why this product is not distributed in stores is its low durability. Collected fruits should be stored in a refrigerator and consumed within a few days.

More information about Asimina (Pawpaw) is available in Bulgarian in our forum:

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