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Our new production of Plumeria (Frangipani) for season 2014

Date: 2014-07-16

Dear customers,

many people are waiting for our new production of Plumeria this year. Due to the cool weather in May and June, the plant growth this year is slower. Here is a picture from 10 days ago.

We expect the first plants to be ready for sale around the end of July, but we will start shipping Plumeria on 22 August.

Since many people are looking forward to get those plants on sale and wish to book at least some plants, we decided to add in our online store a certain amount of most varieties. Most likely in September we can add more numbers to each variety. Also, we will have a small amount on at least a dozen other varieties.

To enable everyone to have an equal chance to order, today at 18.00 h we will add quantity for each variety. Each order will be counted as reserve 'first ordered, first obtained". Ordered plants will be shipped after August 22.

If you want to personally take your plumeria from the nursery, you should place an order now on the website to reserve the plants.

Here is the list. The number in front is the number of each variety in our collection. The number after the name shows the availability at the moment.

All varieties from the list will be added to our online store until 18.00 h today. Before that, you can check all varieties pictures here:

1. Plumeria rubra cv. Muang Bendjapan - 15
4. Plumeria rubra cv. Saree - 10
5. Plumeria rubra cv. Muang Sengyam - 5
6. Plumeria rubra cv. Aussie Pink - 5
7. Plumeria rubra cv. Khao Yai Rainbow - 20
8. Plumeria rubra cv. Imperial Crown - 3
9. Plumeria rubra cv. Kasem's Delight - 5
14. Plumeria rubra cv. Aranya - 5
15. Plumeria rubra cv. Danai Delight - 10
17. Plumeria rubra cv. Miss Nonburi - 5
28. Plumeria rubra cv. Daeng Maha Choke - 15
33. Plumeria rubra cv.Som Siri - 5
36. Plumeria rubra cv. Lueang Supan - 6
37. Plumeria rubra cv. Lueang Gandjana - 5
38. Plumeria obtusa cv. Singapore - 30
40. Plumeria rubra cv. Lueang Thammasat - 5
41. Plumeria rubra cv. Mangkonyok - 5
43. Plumeria rubra cv. Phuta Raksa - 15
47. Plumeria rubra cv. Heidi Gold - 20
48. Plumeria rubra cv. Kimi Moragne( Grainy Rorong) - 5
57. Plumeria rubra var. Acutifolia - 20

We will contact all customers before we start shipping the orders. \

Best regards

Kiril Donov
Dipl. Eng. Agr. Tropical and subtropical agriculture
pers. cellphone: +359 888 533 225

Botanical garden - Plovdiv Ltd., Bulgaria
+359 32 511 103, +359 888 328 680, +359 888 765 732